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Break out done using only the Speccy attribute area and shows you how you can create graphics by directly POKEing to the screen. It gives you a reasonably playable version of breakout! If you are going to fiddle with it, be aware to add some safety to where the computer can POKE to, because the variables area follows the screen and you might crash or freeze the Speccy. I used mostly Marvin and Fuse to write it. Enjoy it !

Install instructions

Download and run with any Spectrum emulator.


AttributeSmash2.z80 5 kB


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Yep that part needs work, what you can do though is if you hit the ball while holding left or right the ball does go diagonal like a slice. Cheers

nice breakout attempt using just attributes.  Feel the angles of the ball need a little tweaking when hitting the ball on the edge of the bat but otherwise a fun little game.